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Copper Rod Breakdown Machine
Copper Rod Breakdown Machine

Copper Rod Breakdown Machine

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50/13 Copper Rod Breakdown Machine with Annealer

I. Application

This machine is used to produce the single copper wire sized φ1.3-4.5mm from copper rod of φ8mm. The drawing capstan is arranged in straight line and in a continuous order. The mechanical speed gets well along with the electric speed so as to change dies quickly as well as to unload the bobbins automatically without stop. It is highly praised for easy operation, high efficiency and excellent wire quality.

II. Main Technical Data

1. Inlet wire dia.: φ8 mm (<250 N/mm²)

2. Final wire dia.: φ1.3-φ4.0 mm

3. Max. mechanical speed: 20- 25 m/s

4. Drawing capstan dia.: φ450 mm

5. Max. drawing pass:13

6. Annealer Max. annealing voltage: 50 V

7. Max. annealing current: 5000 A

8. Annealing wheel dia.: 420 mm

9. Max. take-up speed: 25 m/s

10. Dual take-up Max. traversing pitch: 6 mm/r

11. Take-up motor: 22×2 kw

12. Take-up bobbins: PND500-630 (DIN46397)

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