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500/6+12 planetary stranding machine dispatch

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500/6+12 Planetary Stranding Machine


1. Application:

This machine set is mainly used for cabling conductors and insulated wires.

3. Main parameters

3.1. Stranding cage maximum wire aperture: Φ10 mm

3.2. Max. cabling diameter: Φ15 mm (customer specified)

3.3. Rotation speed of cage: 52-120 rpm

3.4. Twisted pitch: 19-322 mm

3.5. Wire speed: 2.28-16.75 m/min

3.6. Capstan wheel: Φ600 mm (double wheels)

3.7. Main motor: 30 KW (AC motor)

3.8. Pay off inside cage: Panopack450 and SADAC450 (bobbin drawings provided by the customer)

3.9. Take up bobbin: DIN560, DIN630 and DIN800 (bobbin drawings provided by the customer)

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