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120mm Extrusion line ready for patch

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1. Application:

120mm PLC extrusion line is suitable for extrusion of PVC, PP, PE, SR-PVC and other plastics. It is mainly used for extrusion of BV, BVV building line, power cord, computer wire, insulated wire sheath, car wire harness, etc.

2. Main performance

2.1. Application of the core conductor diameter: Φ20.0mm-Φ70.0mm

2.2. Complete external diameter: Φ30.0mm-Φ80.0mm

2.3. Extrusion volume: 480KG/HR (open crosshead, soft PVC)

2.4. Extrude line speed: Max30M/Min (Depending on completion of the external diameter sure)

2.5. Machine center height: 1000mm

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