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Wire and Cable Auxiliary Equipment

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 Wire and Cable Auxiliary Equipment

The copper wire preheater: it is a kind of machine equipment that uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to continuously heat the copper wire and the metal conductor under the in-line movement can remove the oil and water on the surface of the metal conductor, thus increasing the adhesion ability of the conductor to the outside.

Talc powder applicator: the talcum powder passes through the high-speed rotating vortex fan to form the high concentration dust in the powder box and absorbs to the surface to the conductor or electric wire under the action of electrostatic force.

Diameter gauge: adopt automatic detection and control equipment to monitor the outside diameter of wire and cable

High speed printer: the cable surface printing requirements meet the corresponding cable product labeling requirements.

Spark tester: it is an ideal equipment for surface damage and spark detection of all kinds of wires and cables.

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Wire and Cable Auxiliary Equipment

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