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Mechanical Talc powder applicator
    • Mechanical Talc powder applicator
    • Mechanical Talc powder applicator
    • Mechanical Talc powder applicator
    • Mechanical Talc powder applicator
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Mechanical Talc powder applicator

The machine is a small-sized device which cooperates with extruder to produce wire, whose main  function is to make copper wire or core wire dry and smooth after powdered.

1.  Main Structure and Performance

1.1.  The machine is consisted of steel plates and profiles. In the machine, helical blade mixes powder, fur brush removes powder, and heating plate heats and dehumidifies stone powder (talcum powder). Its workshop is totally closed, so there is no flying dust. In addition, dust falls into stream guidance wave plastic pipe and then enters into dust collection box for collecting dust, so that there is no flying dust, and the collected dust can be returned to the workshop to be re-used.

1.2.  Adopt motor to transmit the transmission equipment to worm speed reducer for deceleration through texrope, and then the transmission equipment passes sprocket chain for deceleration again to shaft of helical blade so as to rotate the helical blade for mixing powder. Adopt electric heating plate to heat talcum powder, the heating temperature is adjustable, and its function is to make copper wire or core wire dry and smooth.

1.3.  Heating gear reducer: 0.1KW, ratio 1:40, 380V, 50HZ.

1.4.  Control voltage: 220V, 50HZ.

1.5.  Heating power: 1000W.

2.  Usage

2.1.  Installation and positioning: There are four roller wheels at the bottom of the machine, so it’s very convenient to move. Guide pulley directs the wire into or out of the machine. When the wire aligns with an appropriate position (for the convenience of operation) in the threading field of crosshead, lower four baseboards at the bottom in order to suspend roller wheels away from the ground, and the height of wire should equal to the center height at the outlet of crosshead.

2.2.  Load talcum powder, till the powder can cover the wire. Start motor to see whether the direction of rotation is right. It’s required that talcum powder shall move from two ends of workshop to the center when helical blade is rotating, otherwise, two of the three wires in motor will swap the position mutually. 

2.3.  The heating temperature is adjustable, a thermometer is installed and regulated by an operator, and the outlet wire should be dry and smooth. Need to usually observe whether the powder in workshop is sufficient, if insufficient, return the powder in dust collection box to workshop.

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