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Medical Drainage Tube Extrusion Line
Medical Drainage Tube Extrusion Line

Medical Drainage Tube Extrusion Line

1 The main machine model:SJSJ_45 Power:7.5KW productive forces:12-20m/min
2 Adapt material: PVC/PU for medical grade
3 Application:Production of various medical drainage catheter, precision medical catheter
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Medical drainage tube extrusion line/medical tube extruder

1 Constituent part

1.1 Precision extruderφ45

1.2 High precision head mould

1.3 Vacuum shaped cooling tank

1.4 Outside caliper

1.5 Medical tractor

1.6 Microcomputer cutting machine

2 Production

Disposable intravenous infusion tube, catheter, capillary tube, multi - cavity tube, casing, etc

2.1Main machine

Screw barrel adopts high-strength nitride alloy steel (38CrMoALA) or high-strength quenching alloy steel (9Cr18MoV). The main engine drive adopts ac frequency conversion controller. Intelligent temperature controller, temperature control precision up to ±1℃

2.2 The model parts The mould adopts imported S136 special steel for thermal stability extrusion mould, Smooth mirror runner, Provide adequate guarantee for high quality medical management.

2.3 Cooling set part.

2.3.1The stainless steel molding sink adopts imported SUS304 stainless steel bending molding

2.3.2 All glass cover enclosed structure

2.3.3 Medical grade stainless steel vacuum pump

2.3.4 High roundness and precision

2.3.5 Special sealed blow-dry device

2.3.6 No water splash

3 Tractor part

The belt of the tractor adopts Swiss multi-wedge belt, Japanese mitsubishi servomotor and high-precision synchronous belt transmission mechanism to ensure the long-term operation of high-precision and high stability of the traction line speed, and the belt does not slip and no noise in the traction process

4 Cut off the machine part

Cutting machine adopts low inertia aluminum alloy rotary knife arm and special cutting knife sleeveMake the cut smooth and filamentlessServo motor drive, daily PLC programming control, touch type man-machine operation interface, can ensure the precision of cutting lengthCut off length can be set arbitrarily, cut off the number of automatic counting.

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