The Vacuum kneader for silicone rubber wire
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1. What is the Vacuum Kneader?

It’s used to mixing White carbon black, Silicon raw material (like Raw rubber),Silicon oil,Stearic acid,Vulcanizing agent etc . And it’s one type mixer caused by a pair of mutually cooperating and rotating Z blades to produce a strong shearing action so that the rubbery viscous plastic material enables the material to react quickly to obtain a uniform mixing.

Main technical specifications as following:

1)Mixing chamber volume: 55L

2)Main motor: AC motor, power 55kw

3)Reducer: The base and frame are made of mild steel welded structure with forced lubrication circulation system

4)Rotor: Two-edge, synchronous rotor structure, the front and rear rotor speed ratio is 1:1.20 or ST synchronous rotor, cast steel is quenched and tempered, and the surface is plated with hard chrome.The bearing is a ball Axle roller bearing,which lubricating oil bath. Rotor maximum speed: 35L: 36 rpm

5)Facing wall: steel structure, drilling heating, inner surface hardening with hard chrome plating

6)Bracket: Steel structure, inner surface hardened with hard chrome plating

7)Top bolt: cylinder driven, hard chrome plated

8)Face seal: high wear-resistant material of seal ring, self-lubricating bearing, hinge spring top seal

9)Hopper: Manual operation

10)Control mode: by push button.

11)Internal mixer maximum temperature: normal temperature to 200 degrees Celsius

2. Whether need Vacuum Kneader when we use silicone rubber extruder ?

There are two methods to produce silicone rubber raw material.

The first method is produce silicon raw material from semi- finished product, then only need rubber mixing mill. The second method is use vaccuum kneader to produce silicone rubber from originals. The operator must know formula very well, otherwise the rubber material will scorch or unevenly dispersed and scrapped.

For example, when making bread, the Vacuum Kneader is equivalent to grinding wheat ears into flour. And the rubber mixing mill is equivalent to adding yeast to flour to make it a fermented dough. It has high requirement for produce qualified silicon rubber through vacuum kneader. That’s why most of the people choose start from semi-finished silicon cable instead of originals if they don’t need very high production capacity.

3. Finally how to choose?

Can you buy semi-finished product or import it easily? If yes, rubber mixing mill is enough for the beginning. If no, then need use Vacuum Kneader and rubber mixing mill together to solve this problem.

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