800mm Cantilever type single twister
 Jul 11, 2022|View:166

Single twister is running smoothly in client's factory

After our engineer commissioned in client's factory, the single twister now runs well and begins to manufacture the production.

800mm Cantilever type single twister is the new type one, it adopts sub-motor structure and will have more accurate control accuracy, higher transmission efficiency and lower noise.

It adopts servo motor, planetary reducer and ball screw for traverse, the traversing is more accurate, the traverse width and traverse distance are set on the touch screen.

Meanwhile, it dopts all-aluminum alloy structure for high-speed dynamic balance, has light weight and good stability.

It has automatic bearing temperature sensing system and automatic oiling system as well, to protect the machine run smoothly.

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800mm Cantilever type single twister

800mm Cantilever type single twister

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