1+1+3 Laying up machine for cable
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1+1+3 Laying up machine for cable

This machine is specially designed for three-core, four-core and five-core plastic insulated power cables or paper-insulated power cables and cross-linked cables.

1. The twisting cage of the machine can be annealing or not. The reels are driven by the two-stage worm gear reducer mounted on the electric disk frame. The reversal angle of each reel can be adjusted according to the process requirements.

2. In order to facilitate the maintenance of the main cage, the spindle of the cage is offset to the side of the main tooth box. When the main tooth box needs to be repaired, the main spindle spindle does not need to be disassembled. The oil pump and filter are externally mounted for easy cleaning. The gears in the gearbox are heat treated. The shaft parts are of sufficient strength, the running noise is less than 85dB (A), the 36-stage traction gearbox is quenched, and traction gearbox adopts DBY series hard surface reducer.

3. The winch brake uses a hydraulic plane clamp structure, which is superior to pneumatic components. The end of the brake bearing wheel is convenient for installation and maintenance.

4. In order to facilitate the adjustment of cabling center of the cage, the main cage cage is a single-wheel structure, which effectively ensures that the working busbar of the roller is fully meshed with the working busbar of the winch. The roller is a spheroidal casting, which greatly improves the cage.

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1+1+3 Laying up machine

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