800 mm double twist buncher under final assembly
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800 mm PLC high-speed double twist buncher

1. Scope of Application: Ø800mm PLC super high-speed automatic double twist buncher is applicable to the computer cable, headphone line, e-line, telephone line, car line, network line, and twisted copper wire.

2. Specifications and Parameters

2.1. 800mm B type PLC high-speed bunching machine

2.1.1. Model: HD-Ø800mm B type

2.1.2. The machine’s tension is controlled by magnetic clutch. The machine is automatic tracking and adjustment after the coil diameter set. All synchronized belts drive.

2.1.3. Design maximum rotation speed: 1500RPM, 3000TPM (twist number); Running speed:1200RPM, 2400TPM;

2.1.4. Twist: Applicable to the twist of Ag-coated wire, tinned wire, enamel wire, bare copper wire clad steel, and copper clad aluminum with strands exceeding seven

2.1.5. Feeding wire diameter: 0.2-1.04mm

2.1.6. Twisted wire diameter: 1.0-5.5mm2

2.1.7. Pitch distance: 34 sections 15-160mm, change the pitch by wheel

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