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Application and Characteristics of High-speed Cantilever Single Twister

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The high-speed cantilever single twister is a wire and cable equipment used for stranding high-frequency data cables such as DVI, HDMI, ATA, SATA, and DP.

High-speed cantilever single twister is mainly composed of three-head power pay-off machine, double-head strapping device and cantilever single twister.

Cantilever single stranding machine use: used for control cables, communication cables, data cables, coaxial cables, etc. PE or PVC coated core wire stranding and center wrapping tape or side wrapping tape for one-time completion, mainly used for high precision requirements Stranding of wire cores.

The machine characteristics of high-speed cantilever single twister are:

1. Suitable for twisting and stranding of high-frequency wires, data wires, electronic wires;

2, the single twister has a high speed, and the production efficiency is twice that of the vertical single twister;

3. The tension of the tape and the take-up is constant, the toner clutch is controlled, the tension is automatically adjusted, and the thread is disconnected and the stop function is used;

4. The take-up arrangement adopts the axle row structure, and the row width and distance can be set.

Application and Characteristics of High-speed Cantilever Single Twister


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