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1250/1+5 skip strander running in customer's factory

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Equipment usage:
The equipment is mainly used for KVV,mine cables,rubber sheathed cables and other soft structure cables.

Main technical parameters:

  1. Single core insulation diameter:7.5-15mm

  2. Twisted wire diameter:15-50mm

  3. Laying pitch:77-773mm

  4. Bow rotation speed:220 RPM

  5. Capstan wheel diameter:2000mm   speed:16-90m/min

  6. Pay off bobbin:PN1250

  7. Take up bobbin: PN1250-PN2500

  8. Drive motor power:45KW (AC)

  9. Capstan motor power:15KW(AC)

  10. Machine center height:1000mm

Component composition:

1250 column type pay off

1250/5 bobbin stranding cage

Die holder

Mechanical metering device

2000KG Caterpillar

2500 column type take up with traverse

Electrical control system

Safety fence

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