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Automatic coiling and packing machine will be delivered to Ethiopia

Have already visited: 13005/29/2020  

Automatic coiling and packing all in one machine 

will be delivered to Ethiopia

1. Compose

1.1 Φ800-1000 mm No shaft box-type active pay off

1.2 Φ300 Vertical accumulator

1.3 Φ300 Tension control Frame 

1.4 YT400 Computerized automatic coiling and packaging all-in-line machine

2. Parameters

2.1 Applicable cable types: φ3-φ8MM electronic cords, computer cords, electric cords, BV/AV power lines, and building lines.   

3. Character

3.1 Automatically coiling and packing,the coiled wire is beautiful and neat,also can save a lot of time and labor cost.

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