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Side-bottom loading device for rigid frame strander

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Side-bottom loading device

1. Suitable bobbinPND630

2. The turntable is equipped on the one end or on the both ends of the loadingdevice. After pushing the bobbin to swivel up to 90 degrees, the tray of thebobbin can be pushed on the turnable support of the loading device directly.

3. The side-bottom loading device consists of stander, bobbin transfer deviceetc. The stander supports the whole loading device and the loading device isdriven by hydraulic cylinder. Hydraulic cylinder makes the loading device upand down along sliding rails and rotating, realizing to load or unload bobbins at side-bottom.

4. Hydraulic transmission for loading or unloading bobbins.

5. The device has pleasant outlook appearance, occupied small space,efficiency, low fault, easy maintenance etc advantages.



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