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1250 mm semiauto change bobbin take up machine

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1250 mm double-bobbin take up machine 

(Semiauto-change bobbin)


1. Type

1). Type: TA-125

2). Outer-diameter of bobbin: 1000-1250mm

3). Width of bobbin: 700-950mm

4). Loading: 2500kg

5). Wire speed: 800MPM

6). Wire diameter: 3.0-6.0mm

7). Motor: 22kw*2  AC Induction servo

2. Machine parameter

1). Double reel vertical type auto-change bobbin and continuous coiling.

2). Application: It’s suitable for high speed PVC/PE cable extruder take-up.

3). Automatic change bobbin, controlled by PLC

4). Man-made load reel and unload reel, pneumatic clamping

5). Motor: 2 AC induction servo motor

6).Brand of AC induction servo motor: FUKUTA

7). Brand of controller:  

Inverter: Danfos FC-300 series

PLC: Siemens S7 series

MMI: Delta

8). Bearing: NSK and SKF

9). Operation: MMI touch screen + PLC

3. Equipment configuration  

1). Double bobbin take-up-------------------------------------------------------------1 PC

a. Auto-change bobbin device---------------------------------------------------1 PC

b. Load and unload device--------------------------------------------------------1 PC

2). Vertical type accumulator--------------------------------1 PC (customer optional)

3). MMI+PLC------------------------------------------------------------------------------1 SET

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