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70+90 mm PLC high efficiency and high output plastic wire extrusion line

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70+90mm PLC V shape high efficiency extruder line


Application scope: apply to the production of PVC, PE, PP insulated wires.


    - PLC Extruder production line features:Good performance, long service life, high productivity, high speed, cost saving, and its products also have good quality

    - Handing's extruders have multi-functions. It can be matched with auxiliary extruder or other parts to meet customer's different production requirements

    - The main parts of Handing's PLC Extruder production line adopt well-known brand and it has reliable quality

    - The whole line is easy to operate with full monitoring, and customer can choose manual type or automatic type

    - The structure of PLC Extruder production line adopts international advanced technology

The whole PLC Extruder production line includes pay off,straightening table,extruder,main control cabinet,water trough, accumulator, capstan and take up etc.  


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