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Box Type Active Pay Off and Take Up Machine Assemble in Workshop

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Box Type Active Pay Off and Take Up Machine Assemble in Workshop

    Box type Active pay off and take up machine is widely use in wire and cable making. It is suitable for the bobbins of diameter 400-630mm, 800-1000mm and 1000-1250mm. Box type active pay off is usually used together with extrusion machine, single twisting machine, taping machine and coiling machine in making building wire, power cabl, communication cable and control cable.It can be used for copper wire pay off and also can be used for insulation wire pay off.

    It adopts pneumatic brake and tracks tension control automatically. It can achieve constant tension through the feedback signal sent by pneumatic tension rack when pay off to avoid core wire or copper wire deform when the wire is pulled.

    Here are some pictures of our box type pay off and take up machine finished and semi-finished products in our workshop. They are produced by customers' order.

Box Type Active Pay Off and Take Up Machine

Here is a video can show you how to load the bobbin when you use this type of pay off.

Are you interested in this kind of pay off? We also have many other kinds of pay off machine.

Please contact with me if you want to know more about our wire and cable machinery.

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