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French Customer's Planetary Stranding Machine Assembly

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French Customer's Planetary Stranding Machine Assembling in Our Factory

    Planetary strander is mainly used for the twisting of copper, aluminum and ACSR, and can make fan-shaped or round compressed wire core, and can make the cabling of control cables, steel armor or copper shield. Planetary strander can also add steel and copper wrapping device according to customer requirements.

    The pay off bobbin in stranding cage can be in diameter of 400mm, 500mm and 630mm. We can design the cage number and taping device according to customer actual demands.

    This strander can be used for control cable, power cable, sea cable and other large size cables production. It's one of our hot sale products. Our French customer's order -- one set 630/6+12 planetary stranding machine is almost finished now.

    Here are some pictures can show you some parts of the planetary stranding machine production in our factory. Planetary Stranding Machine

    Are you interested in this stranding machine? Will you need to expand your production or change some production line?  Wire and cable machinery making, we are professional. Please contact with me if you want to know more.

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