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Wire and Cable Extrusion Machine Line

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This production line is applied to extrude PVC,PP,PE and other plastic materials for insulation wire. It is mainly used for production of BV, BVV building wires, power cables, computer cables, insulated wire extrusion, UL electric wire, core cable of computer wire, core cable of power wire, automotive wire extrusion etc.

2.Performance and features:

Cabletec has been dedicated to the research, design and manufacture of extrusion lines since its establishment in 2002. Its products have been sold worldwide and recognized by the customers.


The extrusion line, barrel and screw produced by the excellent alloy. Conducted with nitrogen treatment, with anti-corrosion and long service life. The extruder adopts new type extruding screw and under the premise of ensuring the excellent plasticizing, the extrusion quantity has been improved significantly.


The configuration can be carried out according to the requirements of customers’.

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Wire and Cable Extrusion Machine Line

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