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1000mm PLC high-speed bunching machine

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1. Machine’s features:

1.1. The maximum rotation speed of main spindle is 1500RPM.

1.2. Automatic tension control: During the layup, it is necessary to gradually increase the take-up tension when the take-up process is conducted from the reel bottom to the full reel. This machine can automatically track and adjust the take-up tension, enabling the take-up tension of whole reel to be even and consistent. At the same time, this machine can also adjust the take-up tension without stopping the machine.

1.3. The main spindle is lubricated by engine oil and natural circulation, which can extend the service life of this machine.

1.4. String-passing system belongs to the latest structure, the guide wire is directly brought to the arc band from the main spindle guide wheel, which avoids the scratch and strand jumping phenomena caused by the breakdown of rotation angle guide wheel.

1.5. Synchronized belt drive is totally applied in B-type machines, the layup distance is accurate, the string-crossing system is free from lubrication point, the machine is clean inside, no inferior wire or grinding wire may be produced as a result of oil pollution.

1.6.  Simple operation: Only one wheel has to be replaced if the lay-up distance of this machine is to be replaced. The reversing lever needs to be pulled by hand in case of any reversing.

1.7. Application of advanced control methods: The working program is controlled by inverters and PLC, each of retractable doors. Corresponding indicating lamps are available for internal and external linebreak, oil level of main spindle to monitor the operational status.

1.8. Easy management: Encodable switches are applied in the automatic tension adjustment. Users can compile corresponding process files according to the values of encodable switch so as to ensure the mass effect of layup wires. 


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1000mm  PLC high-speed bunching machine

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