A simple and cheap coiling machine for wire and cable
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630 mm Automatic coiling machine -- Small section coiling machine

This machine can be used to coil the small section wire such as 0.6-6 mm square building wires, it's simple and cheap.

Main technical specification:

Laying mode:

Self-tension laying

Laying disk dimension


Winding displacement mode

Automatic winding displacement

Power of motor


Number of slots of wire bundle

3 slots

Output per shift

About 700 bundles (8 hours)

Host speed

0 ~ 500 r / min

Inside Diameter of wire bundle


Outside diameter of wire bundle


Height of wire bundle


Scope of application

Applicable to the coiling and bundling of 0.5 ~ 6mm2 electric wire and small cross-section wire products

630 mm Automatic coiling machine

Points for attention when operating the machine:

1. The brake tension needs to be released prior to the loading of wire disc, and the tension handle should be placed upwardly.

2. The size of laying tension should be adjusted according to different wire discs. The higher the position is, the higher the laying tension will be.

3. The meter-measuring wheel should not be pressed too tight to avoid the crush of wire stocks.

4. The bar-opening width of expansion & retraction disc should be adjusted according to different wire stocks.

5. Adjust the adjustable baffler. The adjustable baffler becomes wide if it is twisted to the right, and the adjustable baffler becomes narrow if it is twisted to the left. All the adjustments should be determined according to the required size. In addition, the wire bundle slot must be aligned.

6. The operating range of seat-arranging guide wheel should be identical to the bar-opening width, and the center of seat-arranging guide wheel slot should be aligned with the front and rear baffles.

7. It is prohibited to touch the internal electrical appliances, so as to avoid malfunctions



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