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Cable belt caterpillar and Portal type pay off and take up machine

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Both cable belt caterpillar and portal type pay off and take up machine are quite suitable for big cables

The caterpillar is used to traction kinds of cables. It is equipped with electrical meter counter, displays the wire length and line speed. It can be equipped with magnetic powder tension controller, to give tension control for pay off.

Here are the technical specifications of the common caterpillar.

Cable diameter(mm)5-408-6010-8015-10020-12020-130
Traction (kg)5008001250160020002500
Speed (m/min)10010080806060
Belt touch length (mm)75012001500190021002400
Belt width (mm)80100120120135140
Cylinder (pair)355678
Motor power (kw)
Motor speed (rpm)150015001500150015001500


Portal type pay off and take up machine is used to winding, rewinding and pay off all kinds of cables.It can work with extrusion machine, before or after the extrusion are ok. It's quite suitable for large cables.

Here are the technical specification of the common portal type pay off and take up machine. Portal type is also called gantry type.

Cable diameter (mm) max355070100120130
Bobbin flange diameter (mm)Φ630-1250Φ800-1600Φ1000-2000Φ1250-2500Φ1600-3150Φ1600-3500
Bobbin overall width (mm)475-950600-1180750-150950-19001180-23001180-2300
Load capacity (T)34-86-1012-1515-2018-20
Line speed (m/min) max1008080656050
Traverse precision (%)1-21-21-21-21-21-2

pay off and take up machine

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