Our customer highly praised our 1250-1+4 Bow twister machine
 Feb 25, 2023|View:239

1. Equipmentuse

The equipment is mainly used to KVV, mine cables, rubber sheathed cables and other softstructure cables.

2. Main technicalparameters

2.1. Single core insulation diameter: 7.5-15mm

2.2. Twisted wire diameter: 15-50mm

2.2. Laying pitch: 77773mm

2.3. Bow rotation speed: 220RPM

2.4. Capstan wheel diameter:2000mmspeed: 1690m/min

2.5. Pay off bobbin:PN1250

2.6. Take up bobbin:PN1250-PN2500

2.7. Drive motor power: 45 kW(AC)

2.8. Capstan motor power:15KW(AC)

2.9. Machine center height:1000mm


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