Box type active pay off and take up
 Dec 09, 2022|View:426

Box type active pay off and take up

New order for box type active pay off and take up are finished, they are waiting for commissioning.

These pay off and take up are all with safety fence,when the machines are running, the fence will prevent damage. At the same time, if the safety door is open, then the machine will stop right away. You can open the door by pulling or choose the door which can slip with wheels.

The pay off and take up are customized, send your bobbin drawings, we can make the machine according to your bobbin drawings.

The tension is automatically tracked and controlled. During the pay off process, the feedback signal from the pneumatic tension frame is used to realize the constant tension of the pay off process, thereby preventing the copper wire or core wire from being stretched and deformed during the pay off process.

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