Rigid frame strander line are being installed and debugged at the customer's factory
 Sep 14, 2022|View:84


The machine is mainly used for stranding bare aluminum wires, bare copper wiresand power cable cores.

2. Technical data:

2.1. Bobbin size in the frame: PND500(buyer provide bobbin drawing)

2.2. Inlet wire diameter: Cu: 1.5~5.0mm Al: 1.8~5.0mm

2.3. Max. twisteddiameter: 25mm

2.4. Max speed of stranding cage: 153-66 rpm (6 bobbins) 130-56 rpm (12 bobbins)

2.5. Lay length: 52-1040mm

2.6. Capstan wheel diameter: 1600mm double-wheel

2.7.Wire speed: 7.95-58.3m/min

2.8. Pay-off bobbin:PN500

2.9. Take-up bobbin: PN1000~PN2000

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