Coiling and packing all-in-one machine for BV and BVR wire
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Coiling and packing all-in-one machine for building wire

The coiling and packing machines are running at our client's site.

1. The wire can be supplied by the pay off or directly connected to the extruder.

2. The coiled production speed is about 2 coils per minute (take BV2.5mm2 100M/roll as an example).

3. After winding, the coil is automatically packaged and labelled by the arm and sent to the film packing machine.

4. After automatic packing, it is automatically sent to the conveyor belt by the push wire mechanism, without manual operation.

5. This machine adopts servo motor arranging system, and the coil winding is beautiful.

6. It adopts a touch-screen man-machine interface operation panel, which is friendly and easy to operate.

7. The microcomputer memory can store 99 different coil specifications. When you need to change the product specifications, you only need to read the stored specification data, and you can produce it immediately without re-entering it.

8. This machine has the function of automatic error detection, when there is a problem, it will send out an alarm to remind the operator.


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Coiling and packing all-in-one machine for building wire

Wire coiling machine

Wire coiling machine

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