The wrapping machine has been installed and is being debugged at the customer factory
 Apr 11, 2022|View:72

1. Application:

This machine is a single-head vertical tape wrapping machine, which is mainly used for wrapping mica tapes with insulated wire cores such as electric wires, power cables, control cables, optical cables, etc. Places such as underground streets and entertainment venues. The advent of the automatic vertical high-speed wrapping machine provides a new high-speed wrapping equipment for various wire and cable factoriesMainly used for the center wrapping of copper wire or cable surface, such as tissue paper, transparent tape, refractory tape, aluminum foil, pull tape, etc.

2. The main performance characteristics:

2.1. Ultra-short cable channel;

2.2. Automatic oil lubrication system;

2.3. Automatic bearing temperature sensing system;

2.4. Servo motor saves 20% energy;

2.5. Advanced aerodynamic design;

2.6. Servo motor and control system;

2.7. NSK bearing, high tensile strength;

2.8. No excavation foundation and easy installation;

2.9. The smart meter is installed in the control cabinet;

2.10. PLC signal transmission, occupies a very small space.

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