Our 630mm high-speed bunching machine are testing before shippment
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single twist buncher, single twist bunching machine

1. Application:

it is applicable to the computer cable, headphone wire, e-wire, telephone wire, car wire, network wire, and twisted copper wire.

2. Specifications

2.1. Bunching wire outer diameter range: ≤φ3.3mm

2.2. The machine’s tension is controlled by magnetic clutch. The machine is automatic tracking and adjustment after the coil diameter set. All synchronized belts drive.

2.3. Maximum rotation speed: 2000RPM,

2.4. Layup: Applicable to the layup of Ag-coated wire, tinned wire, enamel wire, bare copper wire clad steel, and copper clad aluminum with strands exceeding seven.

2.5. Twisting section area: 0.18mm2-6.0mm2

2.6. Wiring: φ30mm polished rod-bearing cable, width and pitch can be adjusted accurately。

2.7. Stranded wire lay length: 11.15mm-99mm

2.8. Loading capacity: 500Kg

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