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Silicone Rubber Extruder

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Φ65 mm Silicone Rubber Extruder


1. Application: this production line is mainly used for continuous vulcanization production of silicone rubber wire and cable insulation and sheath, and can be used for single core and multi-core wire and cable extrusion and continuous vulcanization molding.

2. Main specification and performance

2.1. Applicable extrusion material: silicone rubber

2.2. Applicable core conductor diameter: Φ0.9-9mm

2.3. Complete external diameter: max. Φ10mm 

2.4. Vulcanization process: electric heating, water cooling

2.5. Machine center height: 1000mm

2.6. Operation direction: To be determined according to machines layout

2.7. Machine color: customized

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