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630/1+6 Tubular Strander

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630mm/1+6 Tubular Strander

(Bearing Support)


1. Product application

Tubular stranding machine is used for stranding the steel wires (Medium and low carbon steel), aluminum wires, copper wires and ACSR, as well as stranding of general steel rope.


2. Main technical parameters

2.1. Diameter of single wire:    Copper        Φ2.0-Φ3.5mm

Aluminum      Φ2.11-Φ4.5mm

Low carbon steel wire Φ1.57-Φ3.53mm

Max. conductor diameter Φ5.0mm

2.2. Max. stranding diameter:  Φ15mm

2.3. Range of Stranding pitch: 43-439mm

2.4. Max rotation speed: 450rpm

2.5. Speed range of capstan: 15-110m/min

2.6. Diameter of capstan: Φ1250mm (double wheels capstan)

2.7. Cradle size: PND630 (Bobbin drawing supplied by customers)

2.8. Main motor power: 45KW

2.9. Dimension: 29m×3m×2m


3. Equipment components

3.1. φ630mm Pay–off stand                                                            1 Set

3.2. 6 Stranding cages (include stand and cover)                           1 Set

3.3. Die holder (include wire break protection)                              1 Set

3.4. φ1250mm Double wheels capstan                                           1 Set

3.5. Horizontal mechanical and electrical meter counter                  1 Set

3.6. Transmission system                                                             1 Set

3.7. Electrical control system                                                       1 Set

3.8. 36-stage gearbox                                                                 1 Set

3.9. φ1000-2000mm Column type take-up                                    1 Set



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