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Paper wrapped flat copper wire application in power transformer

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Paper wrapped flat copper wire application in power transformer

     Paper wrapped flat copper wire is a kind of electromagnetic wire. It is specially used to manufacture winding coils of various oil-immersed transformers. It has good insulation on the outside and good electrical conductivity inside. It is the main material of the transformer.

    The quality requirements of the paper wrapped flat copper wire are mainly as below: 

1. The paper tape should be wound tightly, evenly on the conductor. 

2. There should be no defects, no wrinkles or cracks, no overlap at the paper tape, insulation at the tape joint and insulation repair can be thick, but the length cannot be greater than 500mm. 

    Good quality wire need to use good quality machine to make. Our paper taping machine is special for the production of paper covered wires, manufactured from bare wires which are covered with paper for electrical purposes.

Here are some pictures of our flat copper wire paper tapping machine.

copper wire machine

    Here is a video can show you our taping machine how to work.

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