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Customers' cable machinery order in production in our workshop

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Customers' cable machinery order in production in our workshop

    We are very glad to receive many orders from abroad and domestic customers in past several months. Our workers are busy in processing the orders now. Below picture can show you some finished and semi-finished extrusion machine, bunching and twisting machine, pay off machine and take up machine. They will be finished and shipped to customers in following months.

   cable machine

    The extrusion machines can be used for insulation extruding and sheath extruding. They can extrude PVC, PE, PP, LSFH,XLPE, TPU and some other materials outside the conductor or insulation wires. The bunching and twisting machine can be used for twisting copper wires. The pay off machine and take up machine are widely used in wire and cable manufacture.

    Our factory can make most kinds of wire and cable machinery. No matter you make building wires, data cables, power cables, control cables or optical fiber cables, if you want to change your production line, expand your production or build a new factory for cable making, please contact with me.

Jane Wu

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