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Some details of our cable machinery workshop processing

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Some details of our cable machinery workshop processing

    High-quality wire and cable need good production processing. Below picture can show you some details of our cable machinery workshop processing, such as material unloading and blanking, sheet metal, precision workshop, sandblasting, paint and quality inspection.

cable machinery workshop processing

   We produce high quality extrusion machine, twisting machine, taping machine, stranding machine, coiling machine and braiding machine. We manufacture most kinds of cable machinery for making building wire, LAN cable, car wire, communication cable, control cable, power cable, sea cable and optical fiber cable.

Our factory has below advantages in making wire and cable:

1. Sand-blasting: the one and only, we select sand-blasting to rust clean, then to paint colors, it can keep colors better and longer.

2. Inspecting spare parts: we own a good quality inspecting team. They inspect each parts carefully. It is very important for assembling machines.

3. Technology supporting: Good and long technology supporting. It owns 16 years experience.

4. CNC machining center: High precision CNC machining center, it is better than traditional machining.

5. Workshop managing: We manage workshop strictly. Plan layout of machines, do anything fine.

    Would you like to know more about our factory or our cable machinery? Welcome to contact with me for more information.

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