1250 single strander
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1600 single strander is exported to india

Suitable to soft copper conductor or insulated cable to twist, data control and precise winding displacement, to armoring and screen power cable.

Single twister can be used as pay off/take up or a separate single twisting take up. Two machines can run on the same wire. This structure is similar to two separate production line to ensure the high efficiency production.

It can twist same direction wires in one time or twist opposite direction in several time.

High strength and compact rotor are fixed on the frame by bearing supporting rotation.

Open fork type cantilever is suitable for the bobbin from 630mm-1000mm

Closed type cradle rotor is suitable for the bobbin from 1250mm-2000mm

Pay off can add back-twist device(or not)

Single twister take up tract direction or add double wheel capstan to match high traction needs together with take up.

The taping head can use for different size and function copper tape, aluminum tape and steel tape.

Load and unload bobbin adopt hydraulic pressure and mechanical platform.

Vector frequency controller control AC motor.

Soundproof safety device to ensure low noise degree.

Operation area is easy to approach to operate and maintenance.

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