Introduction of Ф1250 mm D type double twist stranding machine
 Dec 29, 2018|View:178

Ф1250 mm D type double twist stranding machine (Double bows)

1. Introduction

This equipment is dedicated to twist aluminum and copper round compress conductor. This project contains a external rotation pressure die structure, and provide the required traction used for compress conductor, when the conductor compress, the take-up part of bundling machine will obtain, and have a special line way to reduce torque between rotating traction wheel and take-up bobbin, can ensure that there is a good round conductor.

2. Purpose

This machine is suitable for strandingcopper wire, PVC wire, Al wire and below 7 stands conductor, mainly used for sectional area for copper 50 mm2, AL 70 mm2. This machine has applied a Chinese national patent, Patent No.: ZL 2010 2 0522064.5


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