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Horizontal taping machines are ready to be shipped to customer

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Horizontal taping machine is suitable for copper or wire and cable package with the center on the surface, such as tissue paper, transpanent zone, fire proof belt, aluminum foil, drawstring and so on. It can take the wrapping(paper belt and aluminum foil) passed turntable rotary wrapping to core wire, with double wrapping head, to carry out secondary wrapping to the right and left respectively. 

In addition, it is mainly used for mica tape wrapping of wire, power cable, control cable, optical cable and insulation wire cores. The fireproof wire and cable are mainly used in power plant, airport, high rise building, metro, underground street, entertainment place and other places. The requirements of fireproof wire and cable have been increasing, thus, the appearance of muil-head fireproof wire and cable wrapping machine offers all new professional equipment for different wire and cable plants.

Horizontal taping machines

Horizontal taping machines

Horizontal taping machines

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