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Preheater for copper wire
Preheater for copper wire

Preheater for copper wire

Sense heating, the output power automatically tracks the change of line speed to ensure the consistency of preheating temperature under different line speed conditions.
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Preheater for copper wire

1. Pre-heat temperature:≦120℃

2. Suitable wire diameter:Φ0.4-3.0mm

3. Pre-heat speed :≦600m/min

4. Output power:5.5KW

5. Voltage:220V,50HZ,25A

6. The reel is made of high-quality tin bronze with a wheel diameter of 200mm, an upper wheel with 4 groove and a lower wheel with 2 groove

7. The wire guide wheel adopts Taiwan ceramic combination guide wheel, the height can be adjusted, and 4 movable wheels are set at the bottom for easy movement.

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