Automatic Wire and Cable Coiling Labeling Machine
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Automatic Wire and Cable Coiling Labeling Machine


This fully automatic wire coiling machine is suitable for coiling electronic wires, computer wires, car wires, BV/AV power cables, building wires.


a. Can be supplied by the pay-off machine or directly connected to the extruder

b. This machine adopts servo motor flat cable system, and the winding coil is beautiful.

c. Using the screen touch type man-machine interface to operate the faceplate, the operation is friendly and convenient.

d. Microcomputer memory can store 99 different wire coil specifications. When you need to change the product specifications, you only need to read the stored specification data, and you can produce it immediately without inputting it again.

e. This machine has an automatic detection error function, which will alert the operator when there is a problem.

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