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800/2 type active pay-off with no shaft

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Main technical parameters of:

  1. Spool outer diameter:φ630mm-φ800mm

  2. Spool axle hole diameter: φ56mm-φ127mm

  3. Spool max load bearing: 150kg

  4. Pay-off wire diameter range: for doubling wire φ0.25mm-φ0.85mm,for single wire φ0.5mm-φ1.2mm,forinsulatedwire≤φ4mm

  5. Max 16 wires for each spool

  6. Max pay-off speed:250m/min

  7. Pay-off tension 4-80N,regulated by pneumatic pressure valve

  8. Spool loading method:No shaft loading,activate the top head for pneumatic lifting.Loading and unloading the spool from both side edge.

  9. Drive motor:Chinese brand 2.2kw

  10. Driver: Inovance frequency convertor(it can rotate in both ways,forward and backforward.It can keep the pendulum rod in the balance position and hold the tension unchanged when it stops.

  11. Security function:It can detect and alarm the broken wire while the equipment is running.

  12. Color:Normally is RAL5015

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